Monash University FTP Archives

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Boot Webster MultiPort Gateway, Megan Versions
SCSI SCSI Overview and an Old Driver for MS-DOS (Adaptec)
SGI-Patches SGI/IRIX Security and Vulnerability Patches. Maintained by Kathy Ching
antivirus Pointer to the McAfee web page
ap Running a Perfect Web Site with Apache (Que online book)
bane_lao Moved to LaoNet.
celia Computer Enhanced Language Instruction Archive. Maintained by J. Burston
chem Chemistry Department: Line Strengths of Methanol by the Internal Axis Method
dvips Dvips PostScript Generator
emacs Gnu emacs text editor
emtex emTeX: TeX for OS/2, PC-DOS and MS-DOS
ghostview GSview 2.2: PostScript previewer
gnuplot The Gnuplot Plotting Utility
gnuplot.old The Gnuplot Plotting Utility (older version)
gnus Gnus for emacs
graphics.formats Documentation for a number of Graphics Formats
gtree Genetree calculates Likelihoods and Probability Distributions for DNA data. Maintained by Melanie Bahlo
hlst Hagan Lecture Support Tools
hpc Request for High Performance Computing Access (STAFF or POSTGRADUATES only)
internet-standards Internet Standards - FYI, RFC, STD
library Monash Library Materials - OVID
linux Redhat, Debian and Slackware Linux Distributions, Documents and Applications
mac Macintosh Files. Maintained by Chris Younger
medical Anatomy Software - 8 Neuroanatomy Tutorials and 300+ Revision Questions
midi MIDI and Other Electronic Music Stuff
midi.sbk Sound Fonts for SoundBlaster AWE sound Cards
midi.songs An older collection of MIDI files that are no longer maintained.
minix3 MINIX 3 is a new open-source operating system.
misc Miscellaneous Files that don't fit elsewhere.
mozilla Main distribution point of software and developer tools related to the Mozilla project
mozilla-crypto The output of the Mozilla Crypto Group
msj Old collection of programs referenced in the Microsoft System Journal. Last issue referenced was March 1998.
netscape Netscape Communicator. Various installations for Mac, Unix and Windows
nihongo Monash University Japanese Language Archive. Maintained by Jim Breen
palmtop Monash University HP100LX Palmtop Archive. Maintained by Jim Breen. Last updated 4th April, 1997.
pc Miscellaneous DOS and Windows Software
pcounter PCounter software for NetWare
rfc Link to Internet Standards - RFC
spectrum Spectrum Network Manager. Patches, MIBs and FAQ. Maintained by Christian Wilson
starlogo Star Logo for Apple MacIntosh mirrored from MIT Media Labs
vi vi Editor Archive. Last updated 1995.
vietnam Vietnamese Language and Culture. Last updated 28th February, 1996
wddj Windows/DOS Developers Journal. Last issue referenced was October 1995.
win.galttech Archive of some Galt Windows software.
win95.anicurs Old archive of Windows 95 Animated Cursors. Last updated 7th October, 1996
win95.themes Windows 95 Theme Archives. No longer maintained at Monash, however, there is a redirection to a similar archive site in the US.
winnt Windows NT Mirror of WinSite Archives.
x Xwin32 from Starnet Corporation allows Microsoft Windows 95,98, NT hosts access to Unix servers via X windows. Maintained by Edgar Borja