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This archive contains MIDI and other electronic music stuff (and some related things which are not strictly MIDI). If you are accessing this through one of our mirror sites, you can access the original site by ftp (this gives you a directory listing), by WWW (this brings you back to this page), or by mail-server (which will give you further instructions). These links will essentially bring you back to this place.

The following links will point to the site where you found this document:

+ DOC - several documentation files
+ PATCHES - a few patches for synths
+ PROGRAMS - midi or electronic music programs
+ SONGS - midi song files Please read the Copyright Notice
+ Information about Midi
+ Midi bibliography
+ Other Midi archives
+ Music companies' Web sites
+ Personal Midi pages
+ Other MIDI Web sites

A lot of files in this archive have been packed with a modern zip. You need a recent version of unzip to unpack these. You can find this in the following places in this archive:

[ MSDOS | Atari-ST | Macintosh | Amiga or this one | Unix & others ]

Files with the .gz suffixed are compressed with gzip (which is NOT zip). gzip programs can be found in the GNU directory or one of the GNU mirrors.

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