Copyright Notice

Due to copyright problems the MIDI "SONGS" have been removed.

We got a threat about the copyright of some of the files in the SONGS directory. So we had to decide to (at least temporarily) disable the SONGS directory. I will put back those files that I am certain will not cause copyright problems, but it could take a while to sort these out.

As I see it now, the following files could cause problems:

  1. Files that are renditions of music of which the copyright has not yet expired, like pop songs or music by contemporary composers, or composers who died less than 75 years ago. The 75 may be different in different countries.
  2. Files that are manufactured by a commercial company, or by anyone who did not give permission to distribute it, even if the music itself is not copyrighted, e.g. a file containing a piece of Beethoven, made by a commercial company.
Note that there are situations where a file is copyrighted, but the author or composer has explicitly given permission to distribute the file (usually with certain restrictions, like you can't change it or ask money for it).
Last modified: Fri Oct 11 16:22:15 MDT 1996