This Mini-FAQ is posted weekly to answer such questions as:
Where can I ftp MIDI files from
Where can I find the MIDI specs
Where can I find MIDI programs.

********************************************************************** Many MIDI related files can be found at []. Midi programs in /pub/MIDI/PROGRAMS and subdirectories for various computers. MIDI specs and lots of more doc in /pub/MIDI/DOC/. More ftp sites can be found in the file /pub/MIDI/DOC/archives
These are also available on the WWW:MIDI archive

All these files can be obtained by e-mail. Send a message to with the contents: send HELP.

World Wide Web pages (to keep this *MINI* I include only pages with lots of MIDI relevant links):

Yahoo's Midi links midi home page
The MidiWeb
Interesting MIDI/Music WWW Pages
the MIDI Farm
ORIGINAL compositions
Macintosh MIDI Music
EMUSIC-L home page
Classical MIDI Archives
Early music midi files
IRCAM (lots of Music stuff, including midi files) (New page in French)
Gerd's MIDI Page
Alex's Favorite Links
Music Resources on the Internet
Electronic/Experimental Music Links
MIDI links page
Synth Zone
Music Links Page
Harmony Central: MIDI Tools and Resources
MIDI Links (Denmark) David Selph-Judah's Midi Madness
Standard MIDI Files on the Net (Japan) and its European mirror
The Complete MIDI File Directory
The Midi Music Pages

Piet van Oostrum