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Last updated 1 November 1998

In my opinion, one of the most valuable projects on the web is Jim Breen's world-famous EDICT project -- an entire family of freely available Japanese-English dictionaries for a variety of fields. Having been both a user of and a (very small) contributor to these dictionaries, I've become very interested in the concept of collaborative, downloadable (as opposed to searchable-only), public-domain dictionary building and hence have started one for Mandarin Chinese.

As you may have guessed from my last name, I am NOT a native speaker of Chinese, and my knowledge of Chinese (written and spoken) leaves an almost unbelievably great deal to be desired. As such, corrections are VERY welcome and would be much appreciated. Contributions are also encouraged and will of course receive both proper credit and heartfelt thanks. Please also read the CEDICT readme file for general information about CEDICT and contribution guidelines.

As mentioned above, this dictionary is public domain and permission is given to use it for any non-commerical purposes (i.e. don't try to make money from it). The license agreement(a shameless copy of the EDICT license agreement) is attached as Appendix A of the CEDICT readme file.

For people using the excellent NJSTAR Chinese Word Processor, there is also a version in NJSTAR user dictionary format, thanks to some very useful tools kindly provided by NJStar's creator, Hongbo Ni. At the request of some users, I'm also including some brief instructions. If you want to save download time and bandwidth by generating the three .dic files yourself, you can also download the tools themselves.

A special thanks also to Ocrat, who has graciously allowed the use of the vocabulary files from his "Learn Mandarin with the VOA" project, which can be found on his very useful and informative Ocrat Chinese Pages. This page is an excellent resource for all sorts of Chinese-language related materials and is HIGHLY recommended. Another good place to look is Hiebeler's Chinese Stuff. Dave has written a number of tools that can be used with CEDICT and has also entered the vocabulary lists for PCR Book 3 (and contributed them to CEDICT as well).

CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese) Information Processing, the long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel to Ken Lunde's "Understanding Japanese Information Processing" should be available sometime around the end of the year and I'm happy to say that CEDICT will have a mention in it as well. Many thanks to Ken and everyone who's helped grow CEDICT from 500 to over 23,000 entries in just under a year!

As always, one of the goals of the CEDICT project is to encourage the user community to develop tools which incorporate CEDICT. Please visit the following sites:

If you're interested in receiving email when there are new CEDICT updates, just send me email with the words "subscribe cedict" in the subject field.

Many thanks to Jim Breen, whose EDICT project served as the inspiration to CEDICT, and who has very graciously allowed the CEDICT files to be stored at the Monash Nihongo ftp site.

1 November Update Notes:

For a variety of reasons, I'm seriously contemplating making CEDICT available only in Big5 format. Although a lot of users have been using GB, there are lots of conversion programs out there and it would reduce some of the code-mapping problems that have snuck into CEDICT over the last 6 months or so. I'm also going to request that contributions be sent in Big5 format for the same reason. If anyone has any strong objections to this, please let me know.

This is a pretty big release, mostly due to the incorporation of Stephen G. Simpson's public-domain cchelp file. Only the parts of the file with definitions were included, duplicated were merged, corrections made, etc. If anyone has any information on other PUBLIC-DOMAIN dictionaries that could be merged into CEDICT without too much effort (it took me about a week to merge cchelp into CEDICT), please let me know.

Alternately, use the Monash mirror site nearest you:

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