TTSSH is a free SSH client for Windows. It is implemented as an extension DLL for Teraterm Pro. Teraterm Pro is a superb free terminal emulator/telnet client for Windows, and its source is available. TTSSH adds SSH capabilities to Teraterm Pro without sacrificing any of Teraterm's existing functionality. TTSSH is also free and its source is available too. Furthermore, TTSSH has been developed entirely in Australia, and can be exported from here to anywhere in the world (apart from places where people aren't allowed to own cryptographic software at all :-( ).

To be more precise, the current version of TTSSH (1.2) includes the following features:

Note that TTSSH is just an SSH client and does not include any other SSH tools (scp, ssh-keygen, ssh-agent, etc). Furthermore, because it's tied into Teraterm, it's only suitable for interactive use. For non-interactive uses such as interprocess communication, you want a straight port of the Unix client.

What's New

How to Obtain and Install TTSSH

Currently TTSSH is only available for Win32 platforms (Windows 95 and NT). Support for Windows 3.1 is plausible but I don't have the tools to build it. Perhaps someone will be able to help with this. Furthermore, it's only available for Intel platforms. Again, I don't have the tools to compile it anywhere else, and someone else may be able to help.

The following instructions will also serve to update an old version of TTSSH. Just say "yes" whenever it asks to overwrite a file.

  1. Download and install Teraterm 2.3 if you haven't already.
  2. Download the TTSSH software package.
  3. Unzip it into the directory where you've already installed Teraterm 2.3. This will create files LIBEAY32.DLL, TTXSSH.DLL and TTSSH.EXE.
  4. Run "TTSSH.EXE" and the extension should be available. You should see a new "SSH" option in the "New Connection" dialog box and new menu items "Setup / SSH...", "Setup / SSH Authentication..." and "Help / About TTSSH...".
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are in a country where the RSA patent applies (such as the USA), then you may need to obtain a special version of LIBEAY32.DLL that has been modified to use their implementation, if you want to be legally squeaky clean. This version of LIBEAY32.DLL can be downloaded from a US crypto site if you are a US or Canadian citizen in the US or Canada; see the downloads page for details.

How to Use TTSSH

There is now a TTSSH documentation page.

What the Government Wants You to Know

This code contains cryptographic software covered by US ITAR regulations and by the laws of various countries. Its distribution and use may be restricted by these laws and regulations. In particular, it is probably illegal to make this code publically available at a US site.

When in the US (and possible in some other places) you may need to use the RSAREF-based LIBEAY32. This is discussed further in the installation section above.

What I Want You to Know

All the usual free software legalese applies. There are no warranties of any kind. The software is provided entirely "as is", and use is entirely at the discretion and risk of the user. Enjoy!

Who to Thank

What to Do about Bugs

TTSSH has been tested in Windows 95 and NT 4.0. Mileage with other platforms may vary, but I'm interested in getting bug reports.

Known bugs:

What the Terms and Conditions are

Redistribution and use in binary forms, without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

Robert O'Callahan